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  Welcome to the website of Downlands Educational Trust

The trust is a grant-making charity supporting the education of children and young people with special needs.  The charity operates by making grants to charitable schools and other registered charities specialising in this field in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.  We do not support state-funded schools or individual children.  Full details of our award policies, application procedure and exclusions are on the Applications page. 

Legacies and donations are welcome.  They, and related correspondence and enquiries, can be sent to the Secretary, contact details here.

Our latest and next awards rounds

Grants awarded at our latest (February 2017) awards round are set out on our News page.

Our next round will be in June, application deadline 10 May.  Please watch this space and News page for updates on sending applications.






















A view of the Sensory room at the Autism Centre of Muntham House School, part-funded by this charity.  More on our Achievements page